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Accomplish more, Work less

Power of PermitLink

With advances in technology, the solution to integrated electronic municipal permitting is department and public access to the web through smartphone and tablet connectivity. PermitLink unlocks the door to changes in efficiency allowing you to accomplish more and work less.

PermitLink is a solution which empowers organizations to drastically reduce their dependency on paper-based forms, while streamlining internal processes, workflows and related tasking. This powerful application serves to ensure data integrity and maximize efficiencies as teams perform essential tasking associated with data capture, approval processes, calculations and reporting. 


PermitLink connects people in real-time (within the office or in the field) through a simple, intuitive interface using any Web-enabled device.


•Create, secure and immediately access your information at anytime


•Streamline enterprise-wide processes while improving efficiency levels


•Quickly assign, complete and measure field operations


•Virtually extend office operations and reporting


•Optimize inspection routes from and to any location


•Review inspections, tasks and permit activity while controlling workflows


•Accomplish more using technology to yield step changes in efficiency


•Reduce waste with paperless automation while eliminating human error

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