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Let PermitLink manage your information while you to focus on the task at hand

Reduced Permitting Time

Discovery Search offers the flexibility to locate and relate the data in your database using simple text based input in the same way you search the internet except the information presented has purposeful meaning to what you are searching for. PermitLink is able to locate phrases, text or other information stored in your database at lighting fast speeds.

Improved Record Keeping and Archiving

Streamline enterprise-wide processes while improving efficiency levels . Automatically assign and track associated tasking. You will drastically reduce dependency on paper-based forms, while streamlining internal processes, workflows and related taskingcustomer service is so highly rated.

Enhanced Communication with Applicants and Municipal Departments

PermitLink will improve customer service and staff efficiency, while enhancing field operations with mobile devices connected in real time to the office database.


We answer the phone with trained professionals who can actually address your needs. Our response based support is why our customer service is so highly rated.

Improved Municipal Staff Efficiency

PermitLink connects teams in real-time (within the office or elsewhere) through a simple, intuitive interface and via a variety of Web-enabled devices.

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